"Milano" hotel and restaurant


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Hotel Milano offers its guests 17 contemporary and stylishly well-appointed rooms, ideal for business or pleasure travels:

- 8 double rooms with a terrace and seaside view – for 1 or 2 persons;

- 6 standard double rooms – with an extensible couch, available for a third person;

- 2 spacious rooms , studios – with extensible beds for a third and fourth person;

- For people with walking disabilities we have also included a special room with easy access to the ground floor of the hotel.

Convenient and practical, our rooms are equipped with exceptionally comfortable anatomical spring-beds and light-stopping elegant curtains, assuring you the possibility of a restful sleep. We also offer at your disposal the following services:

- A luxurious self-contained sanitary service ( your own bath and toilet in the room);

- LCD TV with cable channels;

- Free Wi-Fi Internet access;

- Self-regulating air conditioning or central heating;

Depending on your preferences, we can offer you different accommodations, including a room with a double bed or two separate beds and if you want an extra bed, we will accommodate you in a room with an extensible couch or sofa.


Милано хотел и ресторант Милано хотел и ресторант

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Burgas, "Zornitsa" bl.80, "Dimitar Dimov" Str. near bl.30 in "Zornitsa"
Coordinats : 42.52084732, 27.46823120
"Milano" hotel and restaurant

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Website: www.hotelmilano.bg/
E-mail: hotelmilano@abv.bg
Phone: +359 877 370 209
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