Monument of the Russian Soldiers

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The Russian soldiers, who gave their lives for Bulgaria’s freedom, are admired examples to all our compatriots. Russia’s role in the political and social life of Bulgaria after the Liberation was controversial; especially after the communist occupational forces of the Red Army. Despite this, we should not forget that the ordinary Russian soldiers who left their remains on Bulgarian soil for the freedom of a foreign nation had nothing to do with politics, imperial ambitions and geopolitical goals. That is why we will forever bow before the heroic deed of the sacrifice of these soldiers. The monument was built on the spot of a military Russian infirmary, created by the daughter of “Burgas’ liberator”, Colonel Lermontov – Alexandra Lermontova. In May 1879, she came to Burgas with the 4th Army Corps of General Skobelev.  Here she helped with nurse education and with the creation of the hospital, personally buying hospital equipment and instruments.

Russian soldiers of the 24th Infantry Division placed this memorial to commemorate their comrades of the 93rd Irkutski and 94th Eniseyski Infantry Regiments who died of cholera at the end of the Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878.

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Monument of the Russian Soldiers

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