Monument of the Unknown Soldier

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The hundreds of unknown Bulgarian soldiers who gave their lives for a free and independent Bulgaria are an example of extraordinary heroism, bravery, honour and sacrifice. All of them are one of the many prides of Bulgaria, part of the Bulgarian army which has always amazed with its bravery, courage and great victories. These are the people who are not in the textbooks but whose unknown deeds are in the foundation of Bulgarian spirit and national esteem.

The monument of the Unknown Soldier was placed in 1934 in front of the building of the 24th Black Sea Infantry Regiment. It was dedicated to the soldiers and officers from the Burgas area who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of Bulgaria in the Serbian-Bulgarian War (1885), the Balkan War (1912-1913) and World War I (1915-1918). In 1939, the monument was moved to the city centre, on “Mara Gidik” St. where it remained hidden until 1990’s. On an initiative of the war veteran organisations it was rescued and restored in front of the garrison club building. 

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Monument of the Unknown Soldier

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