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Alexander Mihaylovich Lermontov is called by many the “Liberator of Burgas”. He’s a descendant of the Great Russian poet Mihail Lermontov. On 6 February 1878, the “Flying Squad” of the Russian army, consisting of 13th Dragunski Regiment and 13th Hussar Narvski Regiment (led by General Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin, son of the poet) under the command of Colonel Lermontov liberated the cities of Burgas and Elena. Under the sounds of church bells, the city leaders and clergy, together with three foreign consuls officially greeted the Russian soldiers.

The Lermontov House was built in 1878 by Dimitros Haralambus – a Burgas merchant and city councilman. On 25 January 1878 General Lermontov arrived to Burgas and Dimitros Haralambus gave up the building to General Lermontov where he stayed for a few days.

The building is on Bogoridi St., a little after Hotel Bulgaria and the Armenian Church. It’s a two-storey house with a cut corner – characteristic of many corner buildings in Burgas. The main entrance is an arch and in a deep alcove there are steps made of green Aytos stone. The first floor windows have original iron bars, framed by a lower ledge.

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Lermontov House

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