Alley of the Bulgarian National Revival Authors

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The Bulgarian national revival writers are our nation’s pride and they have always served as a moral example for all of us; they reincarnated the selfless and sacrificial value system which is rarely found in our modern day community. All these men show us what the nation should mean to an ancient and worthy people such as ours – a kind of self-preservation feeling, of identity and belonging. These people were the ideologists behind the revival of the Bulgarian spirit – teachers, writers, clergymen, monks, revolutionaries, military and many others.

The oldest part of the Seaside Park was designed as a cultural-historical memorial for all those Bulgarian national heroes. In the 1920’s and 1930’s the busts of some of the ideologists of the Bulgarian Revival were placed here, such as Hadzhi Dimitar, Stefan Karadzha, Dobri Chintulov, Lyuben Karavelov, Nikola Kofardzhiev, Todor Grudov, Atanas Manchev, V. Zografov, father Sava Katrafilov and G. S. Rakovski. This is also the place where Burgas citizens bring gratitude wreaths to commemorate the greatest Bulgarian revolutionaries, who died for our freedom – Hristo Botev and Vasil Levski.

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Alley of the Bulgarian National Revival Authors

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