“Ezero” Horse Riding Centre


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“Ezero” Horse-riding Centre is in the same-name park, just meters from the North Beach in Burgas. There you can enjoy a horse or a pony ride, free horse-riding and on certain days of the year, visit the competitions, whose participants are some of the most experienced riders not only in Burgas but in the whole country.

The hippodrome spreads over 20 decres and has a stable with 29 boxes, built according to the current requirements for breeding sport horses. There is also an outdoor 60x70m sand ground and lighting for evening horse-riding sessions. In the summer, evening horse-riding sessions are more pleasant both for the rider and the horse. At the moment the centre has 40 horses and 10 ponies. The modern hippodrome and the Burgas Horse Riding Centre are registered in the Bulgarian Horse Riding Federation.

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Парк "Езеро"
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“Ezero” Horse Riding Centre

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