Photo Studio "The Tree of Life"

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A new tourist attraction is opening in the city of Burgas!

"The Tree of Life" Photo Studio is opening its doors exclusively for visitors of the city.

The studio is located in the main and lively part, in the heart of the city, namely at “38 Bogoridi Street”.

In "The Tree of Life" Photo Studio, you can expect designer decorations specially made for the city's tourists. This is not just an ordinary photo studio, but a place to create magical memories. For the ultimate experience of visitors, specially selected costumes are also available, purchased in harmony with the themes of the decorations.

At "The Tree of Life" Photo Studio, you have the opportunity to dress in authentic Bulgarian traditional costumes, sit in a meadow full of flowers, and enjoy the ethnographic Bulgarian houses around you. Part of the decor will also include traditional Bulgarian objects that you can also take pictures with.

We, at "The Tree of Life" Photo Studio, know that people visit Burgas primarily because of the sea, so the theme of our second decor is maritime. Our beloved visitors will have the opportunity to dress in sailor clothes and take photos on a sunny summer set.

We have also thought of the little ones! For children, we have prepared innovative electronic decorations related to their favorite fairy tale characters. Children will be able to dress up and transform into their magical beloved heroes. Thanks to the innovative photographic approaches we use in the studio, we will project the photographed models directly into the magical world of fairy tales!

But that's not all!

At "The Tree of Life" Photo Studio, you get much more than just photos. You will receive a lifelong memory. The photos you choose are printed instantly on the spot so that you can take them home or give them as a lifelong memory to a loved one.





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Photo Studio "The Tree of Life"

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