“Kubar” Horse Riding Centre


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"Kubar" horse riding centre is located on the river Izvorska and near "Dabrava" nature reserve - Izvor village, 17 km from Burgas. It develops and promotes horse riding in the Burgas district. The centre prides itself with a number of competition awards, some of which were organised in the centre itself. Every year, the centre hosts two republican competitions – an obstacles competition and a stamina one, in which horses run between 30 and 80 km along a special course.

For those who want to try horse riding, the centre offers training with a professional trainer. The meadows around the centre and the near woodland make the place very pleasant for visit. During the ride you can meet a variety of forest dwellers - deers, wild pigs and others.

"Kubar" horse riding centre offers hippotherapy - riding for children with disabilities (cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, etc.).

Horse riding with professional trainer:

  • For adults - 20 leva for 40 minutes;
  • For children - 15 leva for 40 minutes.

Free horse riding in the nature reserve - 25 leva for 90 minutes.

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Izvor village, Burgas
Coordinats : 42.34677887, 27.46182060
“Kubar” Horse Riding Centre

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