“FBET Аena Burgas” (former "Lazur" Stadium)


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“FBET Аena Burgas” was built in 1967 and has had two major reconstructions throughout the years; currently it’s one of the most modern stadiums in the country. In 2010 it deservedly won the “Best Stadium in Bulgaria” award. It has hosted a number of local and international games, both of European club championships and of the Bulgarian national team.

Besides the main pitch, the sport complex has another pitch of standard size and lightning, which is used for team practice, as well as a pitch which is rented to sport clubs for national and city tournaments. The complex also has the best possible conditions for journalists, covering the football games: 11 independent booths, equipped with control boards for live broadcasts, TV monitors following the game and satellite capable phones.

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“FBET Аena Burgas” (former "Lazur" Stadium)

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