Cultural and Tourist Complex Chengene Skele

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Chengene Skele, a Fisherman port or just Chengeneto – it’s a small village 15 km south of Burgas, keeping the fisherman traditions till this day.

The bay inherits its name from Chengene iskelesi village (Gypsy port). After 1972, the boats of the local fishermen were moved to this place from the port of Burgas due to its expansion. Then three artificial canals have been built, which host the shacks and the boats of the fishermen.

Today the exhibition houses, in the tourist complex, “Tayfa”, “Buruntiya” and “Evksinski pont” are taking us on an adventure through the history of the Black sea, the fishermen’s customs and the everyday life of the sea wolves. Here is the only place you can see net knitting, entanglement of ropes and sea knots, to try a traditional food and hear stories about their beliefs and legends.

Part of the complex are small restaurant and a coffee club, where you can try specialties based on old recipes and refreshing drinks. The multifunctional building and amphitheater are suited for all kinds of indoors and outdoors events.

The visitors can check the small beach next to the complex or take on a sea adventure with a boat from the nearby dock, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets in the Burgas Bay.

Immerse yourself in the romance and magic of Chengene Skele!

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Cultural and Tourist Complex Chengene Skele

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