“Slaveykov” Sports Complex


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If you want to take care of your body and tone while spending time outdoors, you can do so in “Slaveykov” Sports Complex – one of the many places where you can practice different sports in our city. The complex offers to the visitors and citizens of Burgas an athletics field, basketball and volleyball courts, three tennis courts, two football pitches with artificial grass, wrestling gym, fitness gym and a children’s playground. For those who prefer the extreme sports, “Slaveykov” Sports Complex offers a 12-metre climbing wall and a small skating park.

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"Slaveykov" quarter
Coordinats : 42.52079773, 27.44743347
“Slaveykov” Sports Complex

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Website: sportburgas.org/
E-mail: sportimoti@gmail.com
Phone: +359 886 550 950
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