Boyan The Magician

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The sculpture "Boyan the Magician" was placed in January 2021 in the public access area of ​​the Port of Burgas. Its author is the popular artist with Burgas roots - Georgi Andonov.

Boyan Magician, Bayan, Boyan The Magician, also known by his Christian name Veneamin, is the son of the first Bulgarian king Simeon the Great from his second marriage to George Sursuvul's sister.

He was born in Preslav around 910. Prince Veneamin of Bulgaria belongs to the great Krum dynasty. He graduated from the University of the Palace Hall of Magnaura. Boyan the Magician died under unclear circumstances around 970 in Constantinople, most likely as a victim of political assassination.

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Boyan The Magician

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