“Boycho Branzov” Sports Hall


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“Boycho Branzov” Hall is a sports hall in Burgas, also known as “Izgrev” Sports Hall. It’s behind the District Hospital. Since 1996 the hall is named after the famous Burgas basketball player Boycho Branzov. The basketball club “Chernomoretz” and the female basketball club “Lukoil Neftohimik” have their practices there. The hall, which is a symbol of sport success in the city, has high quality flooring. If you’re a basketball fan, you can practice there and also enjoy some of the most interesting games not only in the city but in the country.

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Бургас, ж.к. Зорница, зад Окръжна болница
Coordinats : 42.51506042, 27.46557617
“Boycho Branzov” Sports Hall

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