Sand Festival Burgas

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In the Burgas Park “Ezero”, on an area of five decres, immediately next to the beach, every summer there is a city built of sand figures. Every year, the festival theme is different – “Sea World”, “Fairy Tale Heroes”, “Circus”, “Cartoon Character”, “Hall of Fame”, etc.

Over 2500 tons of sand is used every year in order to build the fantastic models. The special lighting adds to the charm of the unique sand city in the evening. The sand sculptures festival, organised by Municipality Burgas, welcome participants from around the world – Indonesia, England, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc.

Data on sand sculptures art dates as far back as Ancient Egypt. In present times it is even more popular with hundreds of competitions, organised throughout the world. Burgas is the proud host of the only sand festival of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula.

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Sand Festival Burgas

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