“St. Piment Zografski” Church


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The “Saint Pimen Icon-painter” Orthodox Church is in Kraymorie, one of Burgas’ neighbourhoods; it was finished in 2011. It celebrates the day of its saint-patron on 3rd November. It’s one of the most beautiful and magnificent churches in Bulgaria. A stone from the Holy Mountain, brought by His Excellency the Abbot of the Bulgarian Icon-painting Monastery in Athos – Archimandrite Amvrosiy, personally, was integrated in the foundations of the church. The bells are controlled by an automatic computerised ringing system, which allows the user to programme the sound, strength and melody of the bells for years ahead. The church is unique also because it hosts a piece of the Holy crucifix. The icons which hang on the walls of one of the most beautiful churches in the country come from the Athos Monastery, where the patron-saints of the church, Saint Pimen, used to serve. The “Saint Pimen Icon-painter” Church is a cross-domed church with a nave and two aisles; it also has a crypt for holy remains and museum exhibitions. The crypt has incredible acoustics. The church has a special balcony for the church choir – matroneum.  The iconostasis is a true masterpiece of woodworking art and was made by masters from Tryavna. The interior is finished with special Italian plaster. Especially impressive and magnificent are the two massive brass chandeliers, made especially for the new church. The church has 4 bronze bells, mounted in the bell tower which offers an incredible view of the Burgas Bay.

An interesting fact is that Kraymorie never had a church before. Now, one of the most beautiful churches in Bulgaria stands there. This is the only church in Bulgaria which bears the name of the prominent Bulgarian saint, Saint Pimen, who used to restore Bulgarian churches during the Ottoman rule. The Reverend Pimen Icon-painter was born in Sofia, served in the Icon-painting Monastery, then built and restored around 300 churches and 15 monasteries in Bulgaria – personally doing the mural-paintings. Towards the end of his life, he stayed at the Cherepish Monastery, where he died in 1620. Legends say that miracles happen around his grave. 

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“St. Piment Zografski” Church

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