“Nikolay Miracleworker” Church, Sarafovo


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The “St. Nikolay Miracleworker” church in Sarafovo was built around ten years ago; it was paid for by private funds of eminent local citizens. Patron-saint of the church is Saint Nikolay Miracleworker, defender and protector of seamen and fishermen and patron-saint of Burgas. The church is famous for a curious event; in 2009 water sprung out from the church crypt, exactly before St. Nikolay’s Day. The church attendants took this as a sign of God and the water spring was solemnly sanctified. As soon as they found out what happened the local citizens started taking home the water, considered to be god’s gift.

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Burgas, "Sarafovo" quarter
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“Nikolay Miracleworker” Church, Sarafovo

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