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Adriana Budevska is a Bulgarian actress, one of the founders of the professional theater in Bulgaria. She is considered one of the biggest Bulgarian performers of tragic roles.

She was born on 13.12.1878 in Dobrich and graduated from high school in Varna. In 1895, after a competition, she was sent with a scholarship to the Mali Theater in Moscow, where her teacher was Alexander Lensky.

Adriana Budevska contributes to the integration of the Bulgarian theater into the realistic traditions of the Russian theater and to the classical repertoire. She is the author of numerous articles, portraits for artists, memories.

A great master of voice, of feeling, Budevska was compared to Sarah Bernard at that time. She plays world-famous roles.

She dies on December 9, 1955 in Sofia. The Drama Theater in Burgas is named after her.

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Bust of Adriana Budevska

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