Central bus station "South"


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After the completion of the construction and repair activities, Central Bus Station "South" has become a significant Bus Terminal, part of the construction area for Inter modal transport.
The bus station serves travelers to settlements and resorts on the Southern and Northern Black Sea coast, and its functions are constantly optimized. Of great importance for the city's new transport scheme is the preservation and expansion of the bus station functions - it provides contact with the Express Bus Line, thus expanding and improving the ability of travelers.

Categorized with the highest grade "2" for bus stations.

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Burgas,2 "Tsaritsa Yoanna" Sqr 2 /next to the Central Railway Station/
Coordinats : 42.49047852, 27.47371292
Central bus station "South"

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Website: burgasbus.info/burgasbus/?page_id=71
E-mail: infoag@transportburgas.bg
Phone: +359 88 498 1220
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