Atanasovsko lake and the trails of the Avocet and of the Salt

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Atanasovsko Lake is suitable for observation in all seasons, depending on what you want to see or do around the lake. In any season you can walk and exercise in the area of Southern Atanasovsko Lake  - to cycle or to run, to walk or just to enjoy nature. There are several cycling paths to the Lake which are part from the newly built bicycle system of Burgas Municipality.

If you want to watch the birds - you can visit the southern part of the Lake and near "Shelter" for bird watching, to use the technique provided by RIEWP Burgas, or your own. You can go to the "Nest" Observatory, which is on the shore of the Lake, but in the direction of the city and park "Lake".

You can go to the north and go on the routes designated by the Minister for the Environment for cognitive tourism in the reserve. At the disposal of bird-watchers is the "Point" (again in the northern part, but under the road clover).

Within the "Salt of Life" project two paths were created in the southern part of the Lake - one on the sea side and another on the side of the residential complex "Izgrev": the path of the Avocet and the path of the Salt.

Along the Path between the Saltpans Administration, in a former salt mine path, is located the new area of Atanasovsko Lake, called "symbiotic", because it hosts the exhibition of the same name, as well as the exhibition SALT and a rich Marine Library.

A special interactive map for the Atanasovsko lake has been developed, which contains detailed information about the protected areas and all the opportunities that the lake offers as routes, bird watching, sports, photography and health.

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Atanasovsko lake and the trails of the Avocet and of the Salt

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