"Aqua" sport center


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Sport center "Aqua" is unique for the city of Burgas.

It is located on the ground floor of hotel "Aqua" with extremely versatily service.

Uniquewarm indoors swimming pool with a temperature of 27 degrees is at the disposal of the swimming sports fans during every season. Swimming pool depth is from 1.4m to 1.6m, which makes it exremely suitable for beginners and for training of children and adults. The pool is the training site of the burgas swimming clud for children "The sharks" (Akulite). Underwater currents, professional swimming corridors, geyser, fountain, underwater lights and many more.

Sport center "Aqua" has a brand new gym with brand new professional equpment. A/S system makes it very suitable for training in every season. Available to hotel guests for free and to every other sports fan.

The center can offer a classiacal sauna as well as an infra red sauna and a steam bath.

For those who love to relax - a jacuzzi at your disposal.

A masseuse is also available - any kind of massage with a preliminary reservation.

The working hours are from 08:00 to 21:00h.

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Burgas, blvd. "Democratsia" 129
Coordinats : 42.51105499, 27.46751404
"Aqua" sport center

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Website: burgas.aquahotels.com/health
E-mail: burgas@aquahotels.com
Phone: +359 56 83 35 37
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