Sarafovo Beach

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Sarafovo Beach is located in the Sarafovo neighbourhood in Burgas, 14 km to the north of the large seaside city and 12 km to the southwest of Pomorie.

The beach is of a city type and is quite popular among the locals as a great place to beach and relax. It is relatively quiet, even in the highest of the summer season, while at the same time it offers different facilities such as restaurants, bars, parasols and sun beds.

The beach strip of Sarafovo is a temptation for those looking for salvation in the hot weather. Imagine four kilometres of beach, covered in fine sand, the sea breeze and the beautiful sea, enticing you to go for a swim. At some places the sand is black which is due to the high contents of iron and manganese.

You can be sure of your children’s safety, and your own, because there are excellently trained lifeguards taking care of your safety.

The water in the area is shallow, clear and without any sharp depth drops, which makes if suitable both for children and adults who can’t swim very well. There are different attractions available to the beach visitors, such as pedaloes, water attraction – banana boat, ski jets and water scooters.

Immediately next to the beach strip, there are cafes, restaurants and pubs for every taste and preference. Sarafovo neighbourhood offers accommodation in family hotels, private villas or rented rooms at affordable prices.

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Sarafovo Beach

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