Rosenets Beach

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The beach is the natural border of the picturesque Rosenets Park (also known as “Otmanli”). It is located in the lands of Atiya Village, around 15 km to the south of Burgas and 19 km north of Sozopol.

The beach is still “wild” and clean. It is surrounded by greenery and beautiful rocks and lends an incredible view to the St. Anastasia Island. Even though it’s small, the beach is very beautiful and still not overcrowded. It is suitable for people who want to shake off the noise and rush of the city. It has a restaurant which offers good food and an incredible atmosphere, incomparable to any other place in Burgas.

After the beach, you can enjoy the coolness of the park; there are a few gazeboes, a barbeque area and sports grounds which make it perfect for family outings and picnics.

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Rosenets Beach

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