Salt Pans Beach

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Salt Pans Beach is one of the most solitary and quiet beaches in the area of Burgas. It is located to the north of the North Beach, near the Atanasovsko Lake – one of the few places in Bulgaria where you can enjoy SPA treatments entirely free and under the open sky.

During the last few years, the beach has become quite attractive for people who prefer to avoid big crowds and tan in the calm. Kite and windsurf lovers are also attracted by the calmness of the Salt Pans and use this place to practice their favourite sports.

The beach strip is covered by black sand which in the summer heats up so much that it’s almost impossible to walk barefoot, but at the same time it is very clean and fine.

Its biggest advantage, besides the fact that you will be one of its few visitors, is that it is immediately next to the Burgas Salt Pans where there are natural pools with healing mud, salt and lye. Visiting them is completely free; that is why, during the summer, it is completely normal to see people covered in mud.

You can follow the local’s example, who enjoy a few healing treatments after the long workday and afterwards have a swim in the sea and get some tan. This is relaxing and recharges the energy of everyone who enjoys the healing gifts of nature – mud, lye, sun and sea water.

 There is a car park next to the beach where you can park your car. In the area of the mud and lye pools there is also free wi-fi access.

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Salt Pans Beach

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