Aquae Calidae

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The place brings together the rich history, and attracts its visitors with many different possibilities for relaxation and entertainment.

The archaeological values found on that place such as the fortress walls of the ancient city of Terme (Thermopolis), the Roman baths of the 1st century AD with a warm and cold swimming pool, and various medieval rooms are accessible to tourists through the modern footbridges that facilitate their passage and viewing.

The complex allows citizens and guests of Burgas to visit the fully renovated bathroom of Suleiman the Magnificent. Upon restoration, the original vision is strictly adhered, lined with marble and typical oriental ceramics. The authenticity is complemented by natural and artistic lightning that performs the act of a functioning museum where visitors can watch a movie based on 3D mapping. It leads the tourists to a virtual walk from the Thracian times and the Sacred Spring of the Three nymphs-healers through the Roman period, the Crusades – until the time of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Also, the complex has a multifunctional building with a café and a souvenir shop. The whole surrounding area is well-developed and has become a pleasant place for relaxation with lots of greenery, park furniture and fountains. 

The space in front of the bathroom is designed as acting amphitheatre that will bring together lovers of good music, cinema and theater.

The project has a development perspective. Next stage will be the construction of the first level of a museum that will be an active spa center with a Roman bath with warm and cold water, and a place for massage with herbal and natural products.

The museum exhibition will include all artefacts found on Aquae Calidae – gold, silver and bronze coins of different ages, golden earrings, bathroom accessories, seals, ceramics, marble decorative details and inscriptions, and cult objects.

Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 18:00


Museum exposition with 3D projection included:

  • Adults - 6 BGN

  • Students / Seniors - 5 BGN

  • Children 3 to 7 years old  - 3 BGN

  • Children up to 3 years old and people with disabilities - FREE

  • Group of over 20 people - 5 BGN/person

  • Guide in Bulgarian or English language for individual tourists -  60 BGN

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Aquae Calidae

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