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"Dungeon" ! Opening soon in Burgas!

You are an adventurer (modern Indiana Jones). You are not afraid of the forbidden doors, sophisticated locks, buttoned cuffs. You are not afraid of damp basements and immured skeletons. Searching for adventures has led you to Burgas, where in the last century, the same adventurer was imprisoned. By bribery, you entered the prison, and there by “becoming a prisoner for 1 hour”, you are able to find a forgotten prisoner, to open the trunk and get out of captivity.

EXITGAME – a real-life quest game.

Solve the puzzles and find the clues. Find and take the available objects. Find the key and unlock the EXIT.

Like a computer game but with real objects!

Your mission is to escape from the locked room.

You have one hour to complete the game.

EXITGAME is an adventure for a team from two to four persons It requires teamwork (minimum age - 8 years).

You don’t need great physical strength but you need logical thinking and attention to details.

Come to the game and try to find the EXIT!

 tel. 0876533575, https://www.facebook.com/exitgamebg


Price for one game ( 2 - 4 persons) - 10 lv /person


стена стена

Find us

Burgas, 4 "Uspenska" str.
Coordinats : 42.49218369, 27.47368050

Contact us

Website: www.facebook.com/exitgamebg
E-mail: exitgame@abv.bg
Phone: +359 876 533 575
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