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You want to immerse yourself in a world of beauty, quiet, clouds, birds, adrenaline and dreams? In Burgas this desire can easily become reality. During the summer season, you can not only dive into the sea depths but also to fly in the sky and look at the world from above.

A tandem flight with a para-glider over the Seaside Park is one of the most beautiful experiences which you can give yourself during your stay in Burgas.

The tandem flight is dine with an experienced instructor, using a tandem para-glider (with almost double the area of a single one and much safer). During the flight, the pilot is situated behind the passenger and slightly higher so that he can have good visibility and control over the para-glider. Both are seated in comfortable seats, known as saddles. It is better if you wear sport shoes and it is recommended to wear long sleeves. Before the flight, the instructor will explain to the passenger what he needs to do during take-off, flight and touch-down (everything is very simple and does not require any preparation).

Who can fly?

Anyone – regardless of sex, age or weight.

Where do you fly?

Most often in the Seaside Park of Burgas, the starting point is immediately next to the Sea Casino Culture Centre. If you wish, you can fly in places around Burgas.

When is the weather suitable for flying?

Any day with suitable wind – direction and speed, when it’s not raining.

How long is the flight?

The flights are around 15-20 minutes; depending on conditions and the passenger’s wish, the time can be prolonged.

How high will I by flying?

The flight is usually at an altitude of 20 to 100 meters above the terrain, depending on the place and atmospheric conditions.

Can I take pictures from above?

You can take with you a video or photo camera, so you can capture the emotions and sceneries of your flight.

What if I like it a lot?

If you wish, you can continue with training in para-gliding.

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Burgas from a Bird’s Eye

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