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Petya Dubarova is one of the artists of Bulgaria who will stay young forever. She has become one of the symbols of Burgas, with her original poems, impressions, fairy tales and short stories. Born in 1962, she was barely 17 when she took her own life. This tragic end, however, has not changed the way we feel towards Petya’s talent; she will stay forever not only in history but also in the hearts of the people of Burgas – with her work, which embodies the eternal human values – sea, summer, youth, love, poetry…

The “Petya Dubarova” House Museum is a natural result of the wish to experience the authentic spirit of the creative atmosphere of the poet. In the house where Petya used to live you can see different exhibits of scientific nature and the authentically recreated personal room of the poet.

The house is not just a museum though. It is also known for the numerous events it hosts throughout the cultural calendar of the city – “Petya Dubarova” National Literary Competition, Summer Workshop, during which young poets meet and work with some of the most eminent contemporary Bulgarian authors, etc. The house of Petya Dubarova is often visited by literary museums from around the country; it also hosts literary readings and newly published book presentations of contemporary Bulgarian poets and writers, as well as literary-scientific conferences.

If you wish to experience the authentic poetic spirit of Burgas, don’t miss a visit to the “Petya Dubarova” House Museum.

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“Petya Dubarova” House-Museum

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