Sarafovo Antiquity and medieval port and city fortress

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The antiquity port in Sarafovo is the only antiquity equipment of its kind found on the territory of Bulgaria. Only here along the Black Sea Coast you can see authentic equipment and machines, which used to service the sailing vessels during the Roman Age and Late Antiquity.

Here, you can also see remains of an antiquity street and city fortress, dating back to 4-6th century. According to the latest research, there is also a Christian chapel from 6-11th century.

Sarafovo is situated on the seaside, around 1.5 km from the main road from Burgas to Varna. There are special viewing sites for visitors, showing an exciting view of the endless beautiful Black Sea. The restored old pier, going out into the sea can take you back centuries into the atmosphere of antiquity. There are also remains of the antiquity port underwater, which makes it a unique archaeological site.

The fortress and the port offer great viewing conditions to Foros Cape and Burgas. For diving enthusiasts and extreme excitement lovers, there are underwater viewings and an underwater walk in diving gear to the sunken pier. Along a walking route by the beach, you can observe prehistoric fossils of ancient animal species. Guided tours in Bulgarian and other languages are also offered.

The preserved parts of the antiquity promenade, buildings and other architectural sites are proof of the unique combination of the magic of antiquity and the beauty of nature, both so characteristic of Burgas.


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You can reach Sarafovo both by personal or public transport. The most convenient bus line to use is No. 15.

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Sarafovo Antiquity and medieval port and city fortress

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