St. Nikolay Miracleworker’s Arch

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The Arch of St. Nikolay Miracleworker is located in the centre of Burgas – meters away from another city symbol – the Compass. It was designed by the artist Ivan Bahchevanov. This marvellous creation of metal and stone is an arc de triomphe, both sides of which have a bas-relief of the iconographic image of St. Nikolay Mirlikiyski – patron saint of Burgas.

The two-faced bas-relief of the saint faces East – West, as it should be according to Orthodox tradition. This way, the first sun rays of each day and the last glimmers of the sunset shine on the saint’s face. The bas-relief itself is an artistic recreation of an icon whose original is kept in the Bari Cathedral in Italy; this is also where the cherished relics of St. Nikolay Miracleworker are.

It is believed that if you go under the arc, you will be healed of your illnesses and recharged with new energy and strength, given by the saint. So, during your stay in Burgas, don’t forget to go under the arc for health and prosperity.

6th December is the Day of St. Nikolay Miracleworker and also the Day of Burgas. It is widely known that of all the cities in Bulgaria, Burgas is the one which celebrates its Day with the most enthusiasm and the largest feasts. Some of the celebrations on 6th December include a parade, led by Burgas priests and the mayor, throwing wreaths in the sea, concerts throughout the city, fish soup offerings, songs, feasts and fireworks. If you’re coming by this time of year, don’t miss the feasts, celebrating the Day of the city; you will have the opportunity to feel the hospitality and spirit of Burgas in the most cheerful way.

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St. Nikolay Miracleworker’s Arch

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