St. Anastasia Island

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St. Anastasia Island is one of the most romantic places on our Black Sea coast. The island is shrouded in mystery and hundreds of legends and stories are told about it. The island used to be a monastery, and for some time it served as a prison. It is located 6 km from the coast. Today, the island offers its guests a restaurant with sea cuisine "100 years back", a cafe, a small amphitheater, a museum telling the history of the island, and a small beach. For those visitors who wish to enjoy the island's romance for more than a day, an overnight stay on the island is available. The island can be reached by the two municipal catamarans - "Burgus" and "Anastasia", which make regular trips from Magazia 1 at the Port of Burgas.


Departure from Magazia 1


Docking on the island

Departure from the Island Docking at Magazia 1










17:30 19:00 19:30

In view of the changeable weather conditions, please call 0882 004 124 before heading to 'Magazia 1' to ensure the course will be completed.

How to get to "Magazia 1"?
"Magazia 1" is located adjacent to the entrance to the Public Access Area of Port of Burgas, which is a 5 minute walk from the port entrance along street. "Knyaz Alexander Battenberg". "Magazia 1" can be reached on foot, by car and by bicycle.

Private boats or yachts can also moor on the Island, with a mooring fee of BGN 3.00 per passenger.

For more information and reservations, daily from 9:00 to 17:00:

    0882 004 124;


Prices for travel by ship:

    Round-trip, standard ticket for ship travel - 18,00 BGN.
    Round-trip ticket for students and seniors - BGN 16,00.   
    Round trip ticket for children from 3 to 7 years old - BGN 8,00.
    Round trip ticket by ship for groups of more than 20 people - BGN 16,00 per person
    Round trip ticket for school groups and pensioners, over 20 travellers - BGN 14,00 per person

Children up to 3 years - BGN 3,00

Disabled persons - BGN 9,00.

Museum visit prices:

    Standard ticket - BGN 6,00.
    For students and senior citizens - BGN 5,00.
    For children from 3 to 7 years of age - BGN 3,00.
    For a group of adults, over 20 people - BGN 5.00 per person
    For a group of students or pensioners, over 20 people - BGN 4. /person

  *Children up to 3 years old and people with disabilities are not charged for admission.

Guided tour:

    In Bulgarian or English with prior request - 60,00 BGN.
    Audio-guide in Bulgarian, English, Russian or German - BGN 5,00.

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St. Anastasia Island

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