The Fairy Tales Wall

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The Fairy Tales Wall is a truly magical place, located in the heart of the lovely Seaside Park. Among a natural, green setting, age-old trees, little birdhouses and fragrant grass, the Fairy Tales Wall is a place where the little ones can play at will and their parents – go back to their own childhoods.

Surrounded by ball-frames in the shape of animals and trees, a drawing board, climbing frames, an enchanted castle, as well as known heroes from children tales, the kids can play at hide-and-seek, skip rope or just laugh away, engulfed by the magic of the colourful walls of this remarkable playground.

The fairy tales comes to life through the “Mirror Lake” which is one of the most attractive places for kids. In it, they can sail their little boats and ships, to jump on the colourful islands on its surface or just throw pebbles in, wishing for all kinds of fantastic things…

Immediately next to the Fairy Tales Wall for little children, the older ones can find the “The Fairy Tales” Amusement Park, which includes various entertainments – rides, jumping castle, mini-rail, water attraction, kid’s bungee, etc. While the children are having fun, the parents can have a rest in the nearby coffee shop or have popcorn and keep an eye on their little ones from a bench nearby.

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The Fairy Tales Wall

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