The Largo

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It is not by accident that Alexandrovska Street has earned the title of Largo (High Street) and is the most visited and busiest  street in Burgas. Walking down Alexandrovska St. you will meet many smiling and welcoming eyes, you will eat at the little pub at the corner, you will have ice-cream or corn on the cob, you will enjoy the sounds of the street musicians and you will find all that is special to our city…you will find the spirit of Burgas, which attracts visitors from near and far.

Troykata Square, which is also a symbol of Burgas in the hearts of its citizens, is located on the Largo. It is the place of many concerts, performances, cultural and sporting events, and the imposing monument of the Soviet Army (Alyosha) contributes to the vivid atmosphere of the square. Along Alexandrovska St. there are two fountains whose spray droplets playfully refresh the passers-by, and the colourful jets allure the pedestrians to take a picture as a memento.

The recently renovated Alexandrovska St. is attractive and has a modern European look with its rest areas, shops, restaurants and cafes. There you can often find street artists, musicians, sometimes a clown, entertaining the little ones or a chimney sweep whom you can touch for good luck throughout the year.

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The Largo

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