“Peyo Yavorov” Library


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“P. K. Yavorov” Regional Library is the largest library in the Southeast of Bulgaria with over 120 years of history. Its inventory includes over 600 000 books, audio records, manuscripts, original works of Burgas artists.

In the past few years the library has taken decisive steps towards the digitisation of its catalogues, books and photographs.

“P. K. Yavorov” Library is not only a place, which stores the book wealth of Burgas, but it also organises various events such as meetings with authors, exhibitions, film showings, etc.

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Бургас, ул Богориди 21
Coordinats : 42.49473953, 27.47574615
“Peyo Yavorov” Library

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Website: www2.burglib.org/modules/news/
E-mail: zaemna@burglib.org
Phone: +359 878536618
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