“Phoros” Eco zone


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Eco zone “Foros”

Eco zone “Foros” is located immediately next to Kraymorie and the protected nature area “Poda”. The place is suitable for ornithologists and fishermen, as well as for nature lovers. The wild beauty of the eco zone attracts many citizens and visitors of Burgas. For boat-owners, there is a functional covered berth, which allows access not only to inflatable boats but also smaller hard-hull boats; for those who like sight-seeing, there is a green area with alleys, which offers viewing points to the archaeological site – the Tower of Foros Peninsula.

The Lake

Eco zone “Foros” is located at the Mandrensko Lake – one of the most beautiful Burgas lakes, with water surface area of around 1300 hectares. It’s 8 km long and 1.3 km at its widest point. Its bank goes along the northernmost hills of the mysterious and still wild Strandzha Mountain, which makes it naturally beautiful. That’s why some parts of the lake are protected territories. One of the riches of the Mandrensko Lake is the large quantities of fresh water, which is a more and more scarce natural resource. The diversity of fish, some of which are protected, and the abundance of waterfowl, makes the visit to Eco zone “Foros” a real adventure and an unforgettable experience.

The birds

Undoubtedly, the most interesting thing here is the birds. There are over 250 bird species, some of which are world-wide endangered. Because of this, Mandra is of ornithological significance in Europe. The best represented mammals here are the otter and marten.


Archaeological site “Foros”

Remains of the lost city, historical ancestor and symbol of Burgas – the antiquity and medieval fortress and port Burgos / Poros are found on the Foros Peninsula.

The foundations of 3 buildings are also found – two of which are administrative buildings and one is a luxury villa.

The area is also known for a memorable battle in the history of the Second Bulgarian State. In the beginning of 14th century, the Bulgarian Tsar Teodor Svetoslav began a campaign to the Black Sea Coast, where his power spread across significant areas. In 1304, on the bridge over the Mandrensko Lake outlet – Skafida (the Poros), there was a decisive battle, which ended in an indicative victory for the Bulgarian leader over the Byzantine army.

The combination of beautiful nature and ancient history makes the place suitable for ornithological, cultural and informative tourism.

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“Phoros” Eco zone

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