"St. Virgin Mary" Monastery


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The monastery is around 2 km from Meden Rudnik. Legends say that there was a medieval monastery here, named “St. Georgi”, which was burned down in 17th-18th century. The new monastery was built in the 1990’s with donations from citizens. The monastery hill has a unique and beautiful view of the whole of Burgas. From the moment it opened, almost 30 years ago, until today, one single woman has been taking care of the whole monastery complex – the Mother Superior Serafima. Recently, the Pomorie Monastery sent a monk to help her. The complex consists of two churches and 40 small chapels, dedicated to different saints. Almost all chapels have murals of their patron-saints. There are seven separate springs of water throughout the monastery and it is believed that the water has healing powers. Patron-saint of the monastery is the Holy Mother Virgin Mary, the most honoured one in the Orthodox Church. The Day of the sanctuary is celebrated on 8th September.

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"St. Virgin Mary" Monastery

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