Graphic sign "Blue Label" - "Green" restaurants of Burgas

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Graphic sign "Blue Label" - "Green" restaurants of Burgas

Distinction mark for food and entertainment establishments: not offering single-use plastic products (PES): Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks);

Plates, bowls and plates;

Food containers - boxes, with or without lids, used for storing and transporting food home;

Beverage cups, including lids and caps therefor;

Straws; Beverage stirrers;

Beverages in plastic bottles;

Thin plastic bags for home orders.

If you are among the establishments that want to join the initiative of Municipality of Burgas "Blue Label" and live "green", find the criteria for participation in the specialized platform

Check out the restaurants from the Blue Label initiative here!




Виж на цял екран

Butlers Coffee & Kitchen

Saint Anastasia

Caffetteria Milano

Restaurant Zlatna Ribka


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