We refuse to let the summer go and continue with the interesting proposals

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What if it's already September?
We want to fly by plane, to sail by boat, we want to dive into the secrets of the Three Nymphs, we love art in all its forms… Burgas gives us all this!


Saint Anastasia Island

The small piece of land, located 6 km from the coast, is an attraction for both citizens of Burgas and guests of the city. The island welcomes visitors until the end of October, and can be reached by boat sailing from the new Port Area. To spend the night in a monk's cell, to make herbal tea, to eat mussels according to an old recipe or just to relax in the heavenly nature - these are a small part of the experiences that the Island guarantees you…

For more information:+ 359 882 004 124.


Tourist complex "Aquae calidae"

A few kilometers from modern Burgas is the ancient city of Aquae calidae. It brings together a thousand-year tradition of using the healing properties of mineral waters. Today the place attracts its visitors with many different opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. Here is the completely restored bathroom of Suleiman the Magnificent. The history of the place is recreated through a projection on the dome of the bathroom, based on 3D mapping.

The complex is open all year round and has a cozy cafeteria, a place to relax and access to the restored archaeological structures.

For more information:+ 359 882 004 126.


Burgas Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum is located at the entrance of Bourgas Airport and is a great place to spend free time and get to know the Bulgarian aviation. The 9 exhibited aircraft - TU-154, AN-2, 12, 14 and 24, L-29, MI-2 and MIG-17 and 21, combined with a rich collection of models, pilot accessories, parachutes, photos and real black box of an airplane, recreate in an intriguing way the history of local aviation. And as expected, the most attractive for young and old is the ability to fly an aircraft of choice, in a real cockpit, with a simulator and virtual reality goggles.

The museum is open all year round.

Address: Sarafovo quarter, next to the entrance to Burgas Airport. For information: 0885 009 673.


Burgas sand sculptures festival

There is hardly anyone who has visited the Sand Sculpture Festival and this experience has not caused a smile and unforgettable childhood memories. On an area of 5 acres all kinds of characters and bizarre creatures await you, and this year's theme is proven to be the most interesting for young and old - fairy tale and movie characters.

The festival will be opened to visitors until October 4.

Address: "Lake" Park, next to the Horse Base. For information: 0888 219 335.


Burgas Zoo

Located near the Black Sea, it is an ideal destination for walking, rest and relaxation. In the zoo you will be able to see 60 different species of animals, including white polar wolves, platinum foxes, albino kangaroos, cat lemurs, white camels and many others. Part of the colorful family of the zoo is the largest collection of peacocks in Europe. Burgas Zoo also has a cozy restaurant with a children's playground for fun games for kids.

Address: Black Sea quarter. For more information: 0887 23 44 66.

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