Exhibitions in August

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RHM - Burgas

Historical exposition

Burgas, 31 "Lermontov" Str

Permanent exposure

"Wall of letters"


19 May (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Exhibition: "Bulgarian Saints"


Archaeological exposition

Burgas, 21 "Bogoridi" Str

Permanent exposures:

- "Southern Black Sea Coast during the Middle Ages";

- "The archaeological excavations of the Burgas Museum"


19 May (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Kralev`s Treasure and the oldest gold in Europe from the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis


Ethnographic exposition

Burgas, 69 "Slavyanska" Str

Permanent exposition


19 May (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Exhibition: "Fun Music in Burgas in the 20th Century"


Cultural center "Sea Casino"

Burgas, Seaside Park

6 August (Monday) - 30 September (Sunday), Hall "Al. G. Kodjakafaliata"

Exhibition: "Athon, Photographs and Engravings from Mount Athos"

2 August (Thursday) - 31 August (Friday)

Photo exhibition "The magic of the fjords and the northern white nights"

Alley in front of Casino


Gallery-museum "Georgi Baev"

Burgas, 6 "Demokratsia" Blvd.

2 August (Thursday) - 2 September (Sunday)

Exhibition of Russian artists "For Bulgaria with love"


Park "Lake"

Burgas, next to Horse base-Burgas

7 July (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Festival of Sand Sculptures` 2018- "Myths and Monsters"


Expo Center "Flora"

Burgas, Seaside Park

2 July (Monday) - 31 August (Friday)

Exhibition "Live tropical butterflies"


13 August (Monday) - 15 September (Saturday)

Exhibition of exotic parrots


Burgas Art Gallery "Petko Zadgorski"

Burgas, 28 "Mitropolit Simeon" Str

Permanent exposition: Icons XVII-XIV century


15 August (Wednesday) - 21 September (Friday)

National Exhibition "Friends of the Sea"


Gallery "Nesi"

Burgas, 12 "Aleksandrovska" Str

14 August (Tuesday) - 31 August (Friday)

Exhibition sculpture, plaque, photography by Nencho Rusev


Gallery "Burgas"

Burgas, 13 "Aboba" Str.

24 July (Tuesday) - 24 August (Friday)

Exhibition paintings by Todor Todorov


Association of Burgas artists

Burgas, 22 "Aleksandrovska" Str

15 August (Wednesday) - 21 September (Friday)

National Exhibition "Friends of the Sea"


Gallery "Spring"

Burgas, 32 Lermontov Str

22 August (Wednesday) - 21 September (Friday)

Exhibition paintings by Milko Bozhkov


Mall Burgas Plaza

Burgas, 31 "Transportna" Str

20 August (Monday) - 15 January 2019 (Tuesday)

Exhibition of Burgas Municipality: "Underwater World - Exotic Fish"

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