Exhibitions in February

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RHM - Burgas

Historical exposition

Burgas, 31 "Lermontov" Str

Permanent exposure

Exposition "Wall of letters"


6 February (Wednesday) - 30 April (Tuesday)

Visiting Exhibition from "Shipka" National Park-Museum

"60 Years "Shipka" Park Museum"


Archaeological exposition

Burgas, 21 "Bogoridi" Str

Permanent exposures:

- "Southern Black Sea Coast during the Middle Ages";

- "The archaeological excavations of the Burgas Museum"


Ethnographic exposition

Burgas, 69 "Slavyanska" Str

Permanent exposure


29 November (Thursday) - 30 March (Saturday)

Exhibitions "Bulgarian refugees in our memory" and "130 years since the death of Exarch Antim I"


Natural History exposition

Burgas, 30 "Konstantin Fotinov" Str

Permanent exposure


Cultural Center "Sea Casino"

Burgas Seaside Park

4 February (Monday) - 22 February (Friday)

Photo Exhibition "Joy for the World- Happy Chinese New Year "


Gallery of Society of Burgas Artists

Burgas, 22 "Aleksandrovska" Str

7 February (Thursday) - 8 March (Friday)

Exhibition Young authors


Showcases against the Clock

Burgas, "Bogoridi" Str.

6 December (Thursday) - 28 February (Thursday)

Exhibition "The citizens of Burgas forever"


Burgas Art Gallery "Petko Zadgorski"

Burgas, 28 "Mitropolit Simeon" Str

1 February (Friday) - 28 February (Thursday)

-Exhibition of paintings and sculptures from the permanent fund of the gallery-floor. 1

-Works of Burgas artists from the permanent fund of the gallery-floor 2

-Permanent exposition of icons from Burgas region-floor 3


Gallery-museum "Georgi Baev"

Burgas, 6, "Demokratsia" Blvd.

6 February (Wednesday) - 28 February (Thursday)

Exhibition by Stoyko Daskalov


Gallery "Nesi"

Burgas, 12 "Aleksandrovska" Str

January 30 (Wednesday) - February 18 (Monday)

Painting exhibition by Krasimir Zinin


20 February (Wednesday) - 12 March (Tuesday)

Painting exhibition by Penka Choria


13 March (Wednesday) - 2 April (Tuesday)

Painting exhibition by Nikolay Angelov


3 April (Wednesday) - 22 April (Monday)

Exhibition drawings of Radostin Damaskov


23 April (Tuesday) - 20 May (Monday)

Painting exhibition by Lora Yaneva


21 May (Tuesday) - 12 June (Wednesday)

Painting exhibition by Nelly Gocheva


Gallery "Burgas"
Burgas, 13 "Aboba" Str
12 February (Tuesday) - 5 March (Tuesday)

Visiting Exhibition of "Yamelievi" Gallery - Veliko Tarnovo


Gallery "Spring"

Burgas, 32 "Lermontov"Str

6 February (Wednesday) - 25 February (Monday)

Exhibition by Chavdar Petrov


Gallery "13th step"

Burgas, 78 "Alexandrovska" Str

7 February (Thursday) - 28 February (Thursday)

Exhibition of photographs by Georgi Radev


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