Exhibitions in May

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RHM - Burgas

Historical exposition

Burgas, 31 "Lermontov" Str

Permanent exposure


12 April (Thursday) - 1 June (Friday)

Еxhibition "Bulgarian space glory"


19 May (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Exhibition: "Bulgarian Saints"


Archaeological exposition

Burgas, 21 "Bogoridi" Str

Permanent exposures:

- "Southern Black Sea Coast during the Middle Ages";

- "The archaeological excavations of the Burgas Museum"


19 May (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Kralev`s Treasure and the oldest gold in Europe from the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis


Ethnographic exposition

Burgas, 69 "Slavyanska" Str

Permanent exposition


19 May (Saturday) - 30 September (Sunday)

Exhibition: "Fun Music in Burgas in the 20th Century"


Cultural center "Sea Casino"

Burgas, Seaside Park

31 May (Thursday) - 30 July (Monday)

Exposition "The hidden secrets of the Black Sea" -3D models of ships sunken in the Black Sea


Photo exhibition "To baptize him, he must be born"

The alley in front of the "Sea Casino"


Burgas Art Gallery "Petko Zadgorski"

Burgas, 28 "Mitropolit Simeon" Str

Permanent exposition: Icons XVII-XIV century


9 May (Wednesday) - 8 June (Friday), Hall 1

Jubilee Exhibition of Bourgas Photographic Community


Gallery "Nesi"

Burgas, 12 "Aleksandrovska" Str

8 May (Tuesday) - 22 May (Tuesday)

Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Maria Alexieva


22 May (Tuesday) - 14 June (Thursday)

Exhibition graphics: Hristo Kerin


Gallery "Spring"

Burgas, 32 "Lermontov" Str

15 March (Thursday) -31 May (Thursday)

Exhibition sculpture and drawings by Plamen Avramov


Gallery "Burgas"

Burgas, 13 "Aboba" Str.

22 May (Tuesday) - 15 June (Friday)

Exhibition of painting and sculpture by Mara Lateva


Association of Burgas artists

Burgas, 22 "Aleksandrovska" Str

15 June (Friday) - 19 June (Tuesday)

Exhibition of drawings of graduates of NSMPA"Prof.P.Vladigerof" -Burgas






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