Exhibitions in July

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RHM - Burgas

Historical exposition

Burgas, 31 "Lermontov" Str

Permanent exposure

Exposition "Wall of letters"


June 14 (Friday) - September 30 (Monday)

Exhibition "Gutenberg and the Slavic World"


Archaeological exposition

Burgas, 21 "Bogoridi" Str

Permanent exposures:

- "Southern Black Sea Coast during the Middle Ages";

- "The archaeological excavations of the Burgas Museum"


May 18 (Saturday) - September 30 (Monday)

- "The Thracian Gold Treasure from Valchitron" - guest Regional History Museum - Pleven;
- "The memory of Great Bulgaria. Treasure of Khan Kubrat by Malaya Pereshchepina"- guest of the National History Museum - Sofia.


Ethnographic exposition

Burgas, 69 "Slavyanska" Str

Permanent exposure


May 18 (Saturday) - September 30 (Monday)

National Exhibition "You will recognize them by the embroidery" - guest Regional Museum of History - Shumen.


Natural History exposition

Burgas, 30 "Konstantin Fotinov" Str

Permanent exposure


Cultural Center "Sea Casino"

Burgas Seaside Park

June 20 (Thursday) - September 30(Monday)

Exhibition "Fishes and Fishermen on the Southern Black Sea Coast"


Alley in front of CC "Sea Casino"

May 23 (Thursday) - July 31 (Wednesday)



Exhibition Center "Flora"

Burgas, Seaside Park

July 1 (Monday) - August 31(Saturday)

Exhibition of live butterflies


July 1 (Monday) - August 31 (Saturday)

Exhibition of parrots


Festival of sand sculptures

Burgas, "Lake" Park

July 5 (Friday) - September 30 (Monday)

Topic: "Favorite Children's Heroes"


At State Opera Burgas

Burgas, 2 "Kliment Ohridski" Str

July 10 (Wednesday) - September 30 (Monday)

Exhibition "Tutankhamun - an unfinished love story"


Gallery of Society of Burgas Artists

Burgas, 22 "Aleksandrovska" Str

July 1 (Monday) - July 16 (Tuesday)

Exhibition by Aneta Kraeva

July 17 (Wednesday) - July 31 (Wednesday)

Exhibition by Savina Nikolova


Showcases against the Clock

Burgas, "Bogoridi" Str.

December 6 (Thursday) - July 31 (Wednesday)

Exhibition "The citizens of Burgas forever"


Burgas Art Gallery "Petko Zadgorski"

Burgas, 28 "Mitropolit Simeon" Str

June 18 (Tuesday) - 18 July (Thursday)

Paintings and sculpture by artists from the XIX and XX century, from the fund of the gallery-floor 1


June 20 (Thursday) - July 16 (Tuesday)

Contemporary exhibition of photographs by Alexander Ivanov "Visions" - floor 2


Permanent exhibition of icons from the Strandzha region - floor 3


Gallery "Nesi"

Burgas, 12 "Aleksandrovska" Str

July 3 (Wednesday) - July 21 (Sunday)

Painting exhibition by Nelly Tsenova


July 23 (Tuesday) - August 13 (Tuesday)

Painting exhibition by Vasil Stoev


August 14 (Wednesday) - September 3 (Tuesday)

Painting exhibition by Gencho Nakev


September 4 (Wednesday) - September 24 (Tuesday)

Painting exhibition by Lyubka Kirilova


September 26 (Thursday) - October 16 (Wednesday)

Painting exhibition by Kiril Dushev


Gallery "Spring"

Burgas, 32 "Lermontov"Str

July 12 (Friday) - August 9 (Friday)

Exhibition of paintings by Svilen Blajev


Gallery "AtelieR"

Burgas, 25 "Vazrazhdane" Str

June 26 (Wednesday) - July 21 (Sunday)

Painting exhibition "My Soul in the Temple" by Valchan Petrov


Art Center "Bogoridi"

Burgas, 48, "Bogoridi" Str

June 27 (Thursday) - July 16 (Tuesday)

"Art Markoni" Gallery - Varna is visiting Burgas with a painting exhibition

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