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Event / Programme



                                  January 2020

Finals - Bulgarian Volleyball Cup tournament

17 – 19 January

Sports Hall "Mladost"

VC „Neftohimik 2010“

Half-marathon "Atanassovko Lake"

18 January

Sea Garden

"Green Strandzha" NGO

                                   February 2020

Multi-Sport Race Park Arena TRI

22 February

Sports Complex

Park Arena Burgas

SC "Begach"

International Swimming Tournament "Swimming Open 2020

28 February – 1 March

Sports Complex

Park Arena Burgas



Karate Tournament "Ronin-Burgas"

1 March

Sports Hall "Mladost"

KC „Ronin“ Burgas

                                  March 2020

National Tournament "Liberation" in shooting with a pistol for MOI officials

4 - 6 March

Shooting range "Apollo"

Sports and Football Club "Sveti Nikola”

Ladies Rally March 8th

7 March

Parking area METRO Burgas

Road Sports Club "Elena team"

Equestrian tournament for children on the occasion of "Todorovden"

7 March

Municipal Horse Base


Traditional Rhythmic gymnastics tournament for prize  "Julieta Shishmanova"

19 - 22 March

Sports Hall „Mladost“

Club of rhythmic gymnastics "Chernomorets" Burgas

Traditional Kyokushin Karate Tournament for children

28 March

Sports hall "Boycho Brnzov"

SKC "Kyokushin Spirit"-Burgas

Tennis tournament for children up to 10 -12 y.


28 - 29 March



ТC „Tomsi“

                                    April 2020

International football tournament  "Football stars of Bulgaria"

11 - 20 April

Sports Complex "Zvezdichka Arena"

Children's football Club "Zvezdichka"

Traditional Kolokritarium "Burgas Cup"

25 – 26 April

Sea Garden


Cycling Club "Chernomorets Burgas"

International Sailing Regatta "Port Burgas"

29 April – 3 May

Aquatoria of the Burgas Bay  

Yacht Club "Port Burgas"

Children's football tournament  "Cup Levski"


Sport Complex „Dialog359“

"Sini bratya" NGO

A chain of tennis tournaments for children


Tennis courts sq. m. Sarafovo

TC "NIKA" Burgas

                                  May 2020

International acrobatics tournament  "Cup of Burgas"

1 - 3 May

Sports Hall “Mladost”

Gymnastics Club "Chernomorets" Burgas

World Championship of Futsal for the Deaf "Equal Opportunities"

1 – 6 May

Sports Hall „Nicola Stanchev“

Federation of the Deaf in Bulgaria and World Sports Association of the Deaf

International Memorial Beach Tennis Tournament "Petya Yaneva"

2 – 3 May

Central Beach Burgas

Black Sea Beach Sports club - Burgas

Attempt at a record in 12h swim in a 50m swimming pool

13 May

Sports Complex Park Arena OZK


International Wrestling Tournament  „Petko Sirakov – Ivan Iliev“

13 – 18 May

Sports Hall „Mladost“

Wrestling Team “Chernomorets”

Traditional Automotive Championship  „Pista Burgas 2020" (Racetrack Burgas 2020)

16 – 17 May

South Bypass Road Burgas


Automotive Sports Club “Vromos – Jaken”

Municipal International Swimming Tournament ‘For the big award of the city of Burgas’ – Grand Prix

21 – 24 May

Sports Complex Park Arena OZK

Burgas Municipality and the Bulgarian Swimming Federation

European Ushu Championship

28 – 31 May

Sports Hall ‘Mladost’

SC “Bey Sin”

Traditional International Football Charity Tournament for children of deceased MoI officers

29 -31 May

Sports Complex “Slaveykov”

Sports and Football club “Sveti Nikola” (Saint Nikola)

Children Rugby Tournament  - International Children Day

31 May

Stadium “Vetren”

Rugby Team “Moryacite” (The Seamen) - Burgas

Student Football Tournament in memoriam of Vlado Stoyanov


Stadium “Chernomorets”

FC “Chernomorets 1919 Burgas”

District Competition of the Youth Firefighter Squads ‘Mlad Ogneborets’ (Young Firefighter)




Firefighter Sport Team - Burgas

                                   June 2020

Table Tennis Tournament – International Children Day

1 June

SC „Electra“


Student Games Finals

4 – 7 June  

Sports Hall “Boycho Branzov” or “Mladost”

18 – 21 June Sports Hall „Nikola Stanchev“

Regional Club „Sport with students Burgas – 2011“

National Beach Tennis Tournament

5 – 6 June

Central Beach Burgas

Black Sea Beach Sports Club - Burgas

Windsurfing Regata in class Funboard

5 - 7 June

Aquatoria of Burgas Bay

Windsurf club Burgas

Underwater sports Competition ‘Zlaten Delfin’ – (Golden Dolphine)

6 - 7 June
Swimming pool Flora

SNC “Priyateli na moreto” (Friends of the sea) Burgas

Traditional Weightlifting and Swimming Tournament for people with disabilities

11 - 14 June

Sports Hall “Nikola Stanchev”

Swimming complex “Meden Rudnik”

Sports club “Javelin”

International Fencing Tournament for children to 14y “Burgas Cup”

11 - 14 June

Sports Hall “Boycho Branzov’’

Fencing club “Korsar – Burgas”

Traditional International Karate Tournament Coup “Cherno More” (Black Sea)

14 June
Sports Hall ‘Boycho Branzov’

SC “Burgas Dojo”

International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournement for the prize “Julieta Shishmanova”

18 – 21 June

Sports Hall “Mladost”

Rhythmic gymnastics Club “Chernomorets” Burgas

Worlds Freediving Championship

20 – 30 June

Sports Complex Park Arena OZK

Burgas Municipality

International Olimpic Day Celebration

23 June

Burgas Municipality

Regata “Chernomorets Burgas 2020” in child and olimpic classes

25 - 28 June

Aquatoria of Burgas Bay

Yacht Club “Chernomorets”

Traditional Sport Orientation Competition “Cup Burgas”

26 - 28 June

Burgas Mineral Baths

Sports Orientation Club “Strandzha”

Traditional Swimming Marathon 2020 “St. Anastasia – The Pier”

27 June

Burgas Municipality

Children's football tournament  "Green Burgas"


Sports Center "Izgrev"; Sport Complex "Park Arena” Burgas

Football Club "Neftochimik Burgas 1962"

International football tournament for judges


Sport Complex "Slaveykov"

Association of football Referees in Bulgaria

Sport Day of

District Kraimorie


District Kraimorie

Directorate "Primorye" – d. Kraimorie

                                   July 2020

International handball tournament for juniors and 26th Tournament "Dimitar Gurbalov"

3-5 July

Sports Hall "Mladost"

Handball Club "Fregata" Burgas

Traditional women's football Tournament

4 – 5 July

Sports Complex

Arena Park Burgas

Women's Football Club "Burgas"

Mountain Biking Race „Dirt jump“

10 July

Bike Park Burgas

Mountain Biking Club Shore Invaders

International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament "Sea gradations"

23-26 July

Sports Hall "Mladost"

„Olympia 74“ Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

International water polo Tournament for children or boys "А. Pangovsky-Сhunata "

23-26 July

Swimming Pool "Flora"

Water Polo Sports Club "Neptune – Burgas"

Third International Beach Rugby Tournament

25 July

Central Beach

Rugby Club "Sailors"-Burgas

International water polo Tournament "Burgas Cup"

31 July-2 August

Swimming Pool "Flora"

Water Polo Sports Club "Chernomorets"

International beach Football Tournament


      Central Beach    

Sports and Football Club "Sveti Nikola"

                                   August 2020

Underwater fishing Tournament in memory of Burgas painter Gencho Pavlov


1 August


"Chernomorets" Underwater Fishing Club


International sailing Regatta in IRC class

6 - 9 August

Aquatoria of the Burgas Bay

Yacht Club "Port Bourgas"


International Sailing Regatta "Cor Caroli"      

12 - 15 August

Aquatoria of the Burgas Bay  

Cor Caroli Foundation

Traditional Equestrian Tournament "Burgas Cup"     

14 - 15 August

Municipal Horse Base

Khan Asparuh Equestrian Sports Club

Traditional badminton tournament  "A. Gayman"

21 - 23 August

Sports hall "Nikola Stanchev"

Sport Club "Badminton" Burgas

Regatta "Black Sea Kite Cip 2020" - kitesurfing Regatta

26 - 28 August

Aquatoria of the Burgas Bay

Yacht Club "Chernomorets Burgas

International table tennis tournament for people with disabilities-veterans


Sports Hall "Neftochimik"

Sports Club of the Deaf and veterans

                                  September 2020

67th International cycling tour of Bulgaria


Stage: Stara Zagora -Burgas


KC "Chernomorets"

Traditional handball tournament for men "Todor Hunkov”

12-13 September

Sports Hall "Mladost"

Handball club "Chernomorets" Burgas

International table tennis tournament for people with disabilities

17-20 September

Sports hall "Nikola Stanchev"

SC "Dzhavelin"

Traditional Sport Dance Tournament "Burgas Cup"

12-13 September

Traditional Sport Dance Tournament "Burgas Cup"

Sports events for the Day of Meden Rudnik


Community Center "Paisii Hilendarski 1928"

Wrestling tournament for the day of the Tvarditsa


v. Tvarditsa


Wrestling Club “Chernomorets”

Chess tournament for visually impaired people "Burgas Cup”


Park hotel Burgas

Sports Club "Vaya"- Union of the Blinds in Bulgaria

                                  October 2020

International swimming Tournament "Briz"

9-11 October

Sports Complex

Park Arena

Swimming Club "Briz"

International Swimming Tournament  "Sharks Swimming Cup Burgas"

16-18 October

Sports Complex Park


Sports Club "Sharks"

Running competition „Morning Run Burgas“

18 October

Sea Garden Burgas

Sports Club "Begach"

Tennis Tournament "Andrey Kostov Memorial"

24 October

Tennis courts "Park Lake"

Tennis Tournament "Andrey Kostov Memorial"

Kickboxing Championship

29 October – 1 November

Arena Burgas/sports hall "Mladost"


Tournament Anesthesia OPEN 2020


Tennis courts "Park Lake"

Association of Doctors of Bulgarian Medical Association-Burgas

                                   November 2020

Swimming tournament MASTERS BURGAS 2020 for veterans

14 - 15 November

Sports Complex

Park Arena Burgas

Swimming Club "Chernomorets – Burgas"

International chess tournament  "Burgas Cup"

29 November –

Hotel Aqua

Chess Club "Burgas-64"

                                 December 2020

Sports events for the Day of Burgas /St. Nicholas Day - Nikulden/

1. New Year Rhythmic gymnastics tournament

2. Football finals for kindergartens

3. Sports Acrobatics

6 December

Swimming Pool “Meden Rudnik”

  1. Sports Hall “Mladost”
  2. Sports Hall „Neftochimic“


Rhythmic gymnastics Club „Chernomorets“ Burgas

Gymnastic Sports Club „Chernomorets” Burgas                              

Traditional Run "Nikulden"

6 December


Sports Club “Maratonets”

Sport Dances Tournament "Cup Neftochimic 78”

12 December

Sports Hall “Boycho Branzov”

Sport Dances Club „Neftochimic 78“

Children Swimming Tournament „Cup Burgas”

19 - 20 December

Sports Complex “Park Arena OZK”


Swimming Club “Metropol”

Fencing Festival „Cup Korsar“

19 - 20 December

Sports Hall “Boycho Branzov”

Fencing Club „Korsar – Burgas”

Traditional Cristmas Football Tournament

18 - 20 December

Sports Hall “Nikola Stanchev”

Burgas Municipality


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