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Tourist complex “Island Saint Anastasia” and Puppet theater Burgas, organize one unforgettable summer adventure. From 16 July, every Thursday, from 17.30, you can be a part of the pirate crew, to look for treasure on the island and to win prizes.


Sailing with ship “Anastasia”

Children up to 7 years old sail for free

Children over 7 years old sail with a ticket of 5 leva

Parents (companion) sail with a ticket of 10 leva

Ticket for participation in the game of island “Saint Anastasia”

6 leva for a child (+1 parent/companion)

The game starts from 18:00 hours, when the ship berths on the Island, and continues for 1 hour. It is organized for a group up 30 kids. All the kids can participate; the youngest must be accompanied by a parent, who does not pay additionally for a ticket. After the game the competitors have 1 hour free time on the island.

Precursory reservation can be done on telephone 0882 004 124

Tickets for the game and for the journey are bought immediately before the departure from Sea station. You receive a check, which except participation in the game, guarantees you and a preferential price for sailing with ship “Anastasia”.

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