Do not miss the second edition of "Jazz in Burgas"

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The love for music and art are an accent in this year's second edition of the festival "Jazz in Burgas". The musical event for connoisseurs will be held on 10, 11 and 12 July, as well as on 4 August.

The jazz fest will be started by "Burgas Big Band", with conductor Hristo Kozhuharov, at 18:00 hours on the 10th of July. The musicians from Burgas will perform popular jazz tunes in front of expo center "Flora", and after that - from 20.00 at the same stage, Sabin Todorov /piano/ and Plamen Dimitrov /accordion/ will give a start to the program.

At 21.30 hours family Donchevi and Dimitar Semov will present for the first time the project "Puf-Paf". It is interesting, that Kiril Donchev /piano/, Antoni Donchev /piano/ and Georgi Donchev /contrabass/, who are father and sons, have never performed together on a Burgas stage. For the melodies to be more rhythmic, the three men have invited the famous Bulgarian drummer Dimitar Semov. The jam session will be from 23:00 hours. The program for 11 July starts with an incredible arrangement of bold jazzmen, lots of brass instruments or in short "Brass village". Lead by the trombonist Velislav Stoyanov, the band will take a stroll in the Sea garden and by performing on foot will invite fans of jazz to join them. The stroll will end at the "Flora", where Burgas Big Band will continue. After that comes "Jazz&Jokes".

Jazz & Jokes is an explanation in love, born from the desire of the participants to amuse the audience in an extraordinary way, by using the huge potential of the musical style jazz. Not by chance among them are two jazzmen - Vasil Parmakov /piano/ and Veselin Veselino - Eko /contrabass/. The improvisation is the foundation of the project and is works as a connecting instrument between the jazz hits and the funny moments. The outplaying is the driving force, which drives forward the verbal puns, satirical characters and transforms them in pitiful caricatures from the modern day.

The desire of the organizers is "Jazz in Burgas" to attract all the musical interests and age groups. For this on 12 July from 11:00 hours in the "Flora", especially for the youngest fans of the musical genre, there will be Jazz for kids - musical project of Ventsi Blagoev and friends. The children will have the chance for the first time to examine and touch the instruments and the real spirit of jazz; they will take part in the improvisations.

Tickets are sold in the network of Eventim: Expo center "Flora Burgas", NHK, State opera Burgas, Theater "Adriana Budevska", booths for souvenirs "Morski znatsi", Tourist Information Center /underpass to the Opera/, Festival of sand figures and the "Tea house"


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