The sand festival will be opened tomorrow, the 3rd of July, with an extraordinary show

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* A time-lapse film will be shown, which follows the making of the sculptures

The Festival of sand sculptures will be opened with an extraordinary show in Burgas on the 3rd of July /Friday/ from 21.00 hours.

For a consecutive year residents and guests of the city are welcome to the ceremony with a free entrance. The spectators will be teleported in the atmosphere of the wildest and most exotic places around the world. Here the photo camera is a compulsory accessory. One of the surprises of the opening is a specially made for the festival time-lapse film, with which for the first time will be shown the whole building of the festival, details during the making of the sculptures and the masters of the sand art.

"Safari with a camera" will give a chance to the children of all ages to enter the role of sculptors. This will happen in specially organized schools, in which the kids will work alongside with the authors of some of the sculptures. The professionals will tell their secrets concerning the modeling of the sand figures and will transfer their experience in this art. The funny lessons will be realized every Saturday from the month of July.

Expect details about the exact hours of holding the lessons and the way to register in the children schools.

This year's edition of the festival is the 8th consecutive. The topic "Safari with a camera" shows massive figures of some of the most interesting representatives of the fauna: kangaroo, African elephant, lemurs, lions, parrots, flamingoes, vultures - these are only a small part of the dozens animals, which will "stalk" their visitors on the Sand festival. Which are the rest, see for yourself on Friday from 21.00 hours. We await you!


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