A Midsummer Day ritual is being organized in the Ethnographic museum

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The 24th of June is the most magical day in the Bulgarian traditional culture. In our holiday calendar Midsummer Day is on the same level of importance with Christmas, Easter, St. George's day. The holiday has many names - Yanevden, Ivanden, Enyovden. The holiday relates to the bloom of nature. It combines three cult elements: fire (the sun), water and vegetation. On this day the herbs have the best healing properties and that is why they are weaved in the wreath, through which young and old pass for good health.

You are welcome on 24 June from 11:00 AM in the courtyard of the Ethnographic museum - 69 "Slavyanska" sTR, to finish the wreath together and to pass through it for good health and fertility.


Последна промяна: 11:06, 21 June 2019