The legendary Petyo Pandira comes to life at the Pier

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With a concert-show will be unveiled the monument of Pandira on Friday

The legendary resident of Burgas Petyo Pandira - favorite of the bohemians - comes to life at the Pier.

A bronze sculpture, 1.8 m tall, immortalizes Pandira. His monument will be officially unveiled on 26 June, Friday, 18:00 hours, to the left of the Pier. Here "the measure unit for all residents of Burgas", as he was called by the people who knew him, will welcome guests and friends with his unchanging smile.

The sculpture of Pandira is made by Rusi Kostadinov. The author has captured the realistic character of the wise-cracker - based from photographs, stories and legends. Dressed in short fisherman trousers, a seaman t-shirt and the typical cap on his head, Pandira has been portrayed in a moment, when he is telling something with excitement, and on his arm - a seagull.

Right after the unveiling of the monument begins a musical show at the open-air stage "Ohluva", from 18:30. Presenter will be Stefan Diomov. In the concert under the title: "Pandira - one legend of Burgas", will participate vocal group "Retro Burgas", the artists Stoyan Pamukov and Lyubomir Dobrev, the musicians Peni Stavreva, Ivan Chenov and others. Music with an accent from the Black sea to the Mediterranean will be performed by Emil Kalev and Ana Boyanova.

If you still wonder who Pandira is - this is the man, who characterizes the Burgas bohemian from the past century. After his appearance the city was never the same, because he "infects" you with magnetic positivity, which can be felt even to this day.

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