Today were presented the designers of the interactive attractions ``The Underground City``

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The company is ``Studio Serafimov Architects`` Ltd. who should develop the concrete working project with all the necessary parameters. Their sites are one of the most modern buildings in Sofia, including a hospital, hotel, bank and more. Affiliates will be the production company ``TS.S.M. `` Ltd., to which is relied on to prepare the very audio-visual show for the Attraction which is the first of its kind in the country.

The project idea is based on two main destinations in time and space, which will allow with the entry visitors to begin their interactive journey, led by water. Two main corridors - the Sea and the City will overflow in each other at certain points, where viewers will have a choice how to proceed ``their journey``. In the attractions which will be more than 1,100, the visitor will be an active participant and with his actions will cause their change.

The investment project is funded by the Regional Urban Development Fund ; Societe Generale Express -European Support for Sustainable Investment in city districts JESSICA within the Operational Programme ``Regional Development``  2007 -2013 with a total value 2.1 million levs.  The amount for the design is 75 000 levs.

Planners hope that `` The Underground City`` will be opened for visitors until 2015.

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