The biggest sloth was seen in park "Ezero"

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In park "Ezero" was seen a representative of the species Bradypodidae - three toed sloth. In point of fact the sloth was made of sand, but is an exact copy of its relatives from South America. The interesting exhibit is part of the exhibition of the popular Festival of the sand sculptures, organized by Municipality Burgas. This year's topic is "Safari with a camera"; keeping company of the sloth will be a kangaroo, an African elephant, a lemur, a lion, parrots, flamingos, zebras, a rhinoceros, a hippo, a Bengal tiger, antilopes, a panda, a meerkat, a camel, a buffalo, a bison and a crocodile. The visitors of the festival will have the chance to see a whole whale in park "Ezero".

The authors of the sculptures are using the nice weather and are working actively. The emblematic festival will be opened for visitors at the beginning of July. Expect more news.

Последна промяна: 13:06, 30 June 2015