A summer seminar about classic ballet and drama will be held in NSMSA "prof. Pancho Vladigerov"

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For two weeks the National School for Music and Scenic Arts “prof. Pancho Vladigerov” will host a unique “Summer seminar for classic ballet dance and drama – 2015”. Special guests of the project will be Sorela Inglud – prima ballerina and choreographer of the Danish royal ballet and Emilia Heselkilde – artistic director and ballet teacher in Danseskole – bplus, who arrive from Denmanrk. Proven Bulgarian artists and teachers with experience in practice of the stage and in the teaching process will also take part in the event. They are Nedko Georgiev, Dobrina Bahova, Delyana Bahmatova and Maria Yordanova.

The program of the semina includes classical ballet exercise, pointe technique, creating of chorographical etudes, acting mastery and work on classical ballet repertoire. For the end of each week there will be two ballet concerts, which will be held at the stage of the school.

The program of “Summer seminar for classic ballet dance and drama – 2015” is a gratuitous donation from the visiting guests Sorela Inglud and Emilia Heselkilde.

The summer seminar begins on 22 June and ends with a gala-concert on 4 July.

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