"Fregata" begins against "Spartak" Varna at the State handball championship for youths in hall "Mladost"

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The team of "Fregata" Burgas will have for an opponent "Spartak" Varna in the first match of the final tournament of state handball championship for youths. The championship is from 21 to 23 June in sports hall "Mladost". The eight teams are divided in two groups. The derby between "Fregata" and "Spartak" will happen on Sunday from 11:40 hours. In the same day the young athletes from Burgas will play against the team "Rahovets" - Gorna Oryahovitsa. This match will begin at 15:10 hours. Right after it from 16:00 hours is the official opening of the final tournament. On Monday from 10:00 hours is the third final match of "Fregata" in the group stage against "Master" Bankya. The matches on Tuesday begin from 9:00 hours and are one after another for the places 7-8, 5-6 and 3-4. The final, which will decide the champion, will be from 12:50 hours. The award ceremony and official closing is planned for 14:00 hours.

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