Sully Erna: "We love you, Burgas!"

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Sully Erna expressed his delight from the audience of the "Godsmack" concert at stadium "Lazur" in Burgas. "Bulgaria, you are a gift! Thank you for being so special to us. Obichame vi! See you soon!", wrote on his wall in Facebook the vocal of the legenrady band from Massachusetts, USA.

During the concert the rock star said, that the audience of the concert in Burgas is the best of the whole European tour of "Godsmack". Inspired by thousands of people, who knew by heart his songs and sang along with him, Sully Erna raised the Bulgarian flag. For final of the concert he brought on stage two kids, aged around 10-12 years, and declared them "the future of rock". The audience flashed with a European behavior and there were no outrages - a big part of the spectators were family people with kids.

Link to Sully Erna's facebook page:

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